I never had this issue with it I don’t think turbo works for pc or I would suggest that as the solution. If auto fire really is an option can anyone please clarify? Sandcracka Offline Fresh Boarder Posts: Index Recent Topics Search. Make sure your that your FRAG drivers were completely uninstalled. To use the mouse on PC you just plug the dongle in without pressing the dongle button, holding the button when sticking in the dongle puts it into config mode Regarding the clicking can’t help there – not a problem i’ve had. In this mode FnS configuration software is not able to detect the device and do changes.

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Disconnect the usb dongle and use a different mouse if you have one 2.

fragnstein controller…

Can’t use Fragnstein pc in PC mode. Friday, 27 July DanielDust Follow Forum Posts: I was looking for something to bring me back into PC gaming, cuz i dont really like using fragnstein pc an dkeyboard.

Wildcat Offline Junior Boarder Posts: When I click, it registers as double click. I mean this is just stupid You just hold down the shift button and press left click, right click or any other fragnsteni you choose to almost double your amount of programmable keys.

Bannco Fragnstein Wireless Pc Ps3 Mouse Controller For Swap in Portlaoise, Laois from evilnero

Between the two, it gives me 22 buttons to use not including fragnstein pc shift key which I have 4 other buttons programmed so I actually have fragnstein pc buttons. Glad you got it worked out nonetheless.


I going to try it fragnsteinn now, thanks dude. Your mouse could possibly be defective.

The FRAG mouse just wasn’t accurate enough for me. Thank you in advance dude. I can’t use fragnstein pc mouse in my PC because it keeps “auto firing” or “double clicking”, whatever You can set a button to fragnstin fire. A mouse that cant be used as fragnstein pc mouse in a PC?!

Remember me Forgot your password? Bring back the main forum list. Sandcracka Offline Fresh Boarder Posts: Please Log In fragnstein pc post.

The mouse fits very nicely in my hand. And also once in to PS3 cp mode, the only way to go back fragnstein pc wireless keyboard mouse fragnstein pc to uninstall and install the driver which is troublesome. The ‘double clicking’ problem is still there though so I can’t do dragging action in Windows.

I never fragnstein pc this issue with it I don’t think turbo works for frragnstein or I would suggest that as the solution. I discovered that when I freshly install the Windows 7 64bit drivers. They would have been useful. I finally found the solution to my problem. DanielDust i am fragnstein pc about it on the pc fourms cuz i want to get it for my pc?? Wish there was a hardware switch to do this like the FragFX Shark.


Tuact: Can’t use FragnStein in PC mode. (1/2)

But mouse button sensitivity is very high for Windows use. I bought this CM Storm Inferno instead: See if you can try at a shop fragnstein pc, I mostly play fighting games on PS3 DBZ and Soulcalibur and I fdagnstein have MGS 4, because I’m not really much fragnstein pc a console games fan and I mostly play ed sports games on PC with a controller so I’m pretty used to them but not like real console fans so if might be a good option, but for me I just couldn’t fraggnstein it, it does control a fragnstein pc better than a normal controller but since I’m not “perfect” with the controllers I doubt real console players would find it that great or much better since I rarely see people talking about these controllers I don’t know about you but that gives me a huge advantage of being able to access fragnstein pc many buttons VERY easily and comfortably.

I’m experiencing some frustration with FragnStein.

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