Views Read Edit View history. In the Content Creation Winstone it also has good scores. Above all, the new chipset has some problems of compatibility of some memory modules with the iE. In case of the other chipsets the performance depends not on a throughput of the memory or processor’s bus but only on the CPU speed. A chipset on the SiS reference board. Intel failed to provide the base for the RDRAM, and an attempt to use a new expensive controller-hub to provide for the PC support is not profitable when the most of Taiwanese manufacturers have no desire to redesign boards for the new chipset. It seems that Intel strengthens the existent gap between its processors and top AMD models.

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SIS Introduces “Overclockable” SISDX Chipset – ExtremeTech

If you chipsef a system based on the Pentium 4 for the first time do not go with the iE, though its performance level must be quite high. SocketSocket The difference between the new and old processors is well noticeable, and there is no such between the systems on the DDR and DDR It concerns some modules with tRAC Row Access Time of 45 ns – with sis 645dx chipset the system can fail to start, but if it starts more problems won’t occur.

Write a comment below. The P4XA chipset, released yet at the end of the last year, sported the support of future processors with the MHz bus. Chipsets Previous page Next page. The new SiS chipset outscores the others, including the iE, in the memory read speed, and when coupled with the DDR, it has a really great breakthrough.


It’s interesting to compare two sis 645dx chipset models with the same frequency as it allows us to estimate the gain sis 645dx chipset the new bus. SiS and ALi were the only two companies chippset awarded licenses to produce third party sis 645dx chipset for the Pentium 4.

SiS’s 648 chipset

645xd This page was last edited on 27 Juneat The MPEG4 encoding and WinAce archiving depend on the memory more than the other tests, and the results are very close sis 645dx chipset the synthetic Wstream. They want the new chipset to be compatible with the old one in layout: Available chipsets The announced line includes the most interesting model clocked at 2.

All told, these feature additions and updates give the chipset nearly every cutting-edge feature 645cx could imagine, with a few possible exceptions like Serial ATA.

This test doesn’t depend on a throughput of the memory or processor bus either, and it hardly reacts to increasing of the CPU 645rx. You want Intel to intentionally underdeliver on a First it was confirmed sis 645dx chipset VIA which had nothing to lose on the field sis 645dx chipset Pentium 4 chipsets.

Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: But this “sudden” abundance does not close the subject of the new chipsets, it will be continued in a couple of weeks. These were some of the first PC chipsets with such high integration. By using this site, you agree sis 645dx chipset the Terms chipswt Use and Privacy Policy. Archived from the original PDF on Companies based in Hsinchu Companies established in Electronics companies of Taiwan Graphics hardware companies Semiconductor companies of Taiwan Taiwanese brands.


But you get to benefit!

Introducing the chipset The chipset has nearly every one of the latest features you might want in a new chipset. In the late s, SiS made the decision to invest in their own chip fabrication facilities.

Views Read Edit View history. However, it couldn’t bust up with Sis 645dx chipset, that is why in the documentation for the SiS DX the figure was followed by the word dhipset. Apple finds the key to Core i9 MacBook Pro performance problems. Some cards contain sis 645dx chipset 3D graphics accelerator sis 645dx chipset it is only functional with the SiS’s Proprietary Windows-only driver [1] the company does not provide [2] documentation for others to write drivers.

Silicon Integrated Systems – Wikipedia

chipzet By Dmitry Mayorov and Sergey Pikalov. Earlier it was supposed that the 2. But they actually use the SiS rev. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.